News — Treat your plants to a free coffee for National Compost Week!


What begins as a great cup of coffee can end up as a treat for your garden!

So, to celebrate National Compost Week (13 – 19 March), The Friary Guildford has launched a partnership with Costa, McDonald’s and Muffin Break at the shopping centre to recycle used coffee beans and help make Guildford Greener. This ongoing green initiative aims to raise awareness of recycling and encourage more sustainable uses of otherwise wasted coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds are an express(o) way of generating compost as they only take approximately three months to biodegrade. They also make great fertilisers as they are rich in nutrients that keep plants healthy. The grounds hold loads of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus which all plants and greenery need. Recycling these grounds helps to reduce waste and greenhouse gases that contribute to reducing our carbon footprint.

The nutrients in the grounds can be sprinkled on top or buried into the dirt to provide a much-needed pick me up to wilting plants. Or for those of you who struggle in keeping your plant friends alive, you can chuck the used beans inside a compost bin to assist in the decomposition of the rest of the household composting waste!







Give your latte a second life by heading down to Level 1 (adjacent to the toilet facilities) and picking up some coffee grounds completely free of charge to take home and use as garden fertiliser. Provide a potted plant with your old cappuccino and watch them grow and thrive – it’s not just people who need a coffee to keep going!

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