News — Purple Tuesday


Starting on Tuesday 13 November 2018, The Friary Guildford officially joins the campaign to promote awareness about disabled customers, highlight the difficulties existing disabled shoppers face and measures that can be put in place to overcome them.

We’ve been working with our retailers to understand how we can make our environment more conducive to people with a variety of disabilities. For example, dimming lights and turning down music, especially for those with complex conditions like autism, can make a retail outlet much less intimidating. On 13th November we’ll be implementing a 2 hour autism friendly “quiet session’ between 9am and 11am which will continue every Tuesday from then.

Our staff have all been trained in autism awareness and are dementia friends, we’re committed to making The Friary Guildford as welcoming as possible for everyone.

Since launching its initiative in August 2018, leading disability organisation Purple has secured more than 500 sign-ups from established and up-and-coming retail organisations keen to secure their share of the Purple Pound – worth an estimated £249 billion.

Endorsed by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Purple Tuesday is a call-to-action for retail businesses to make shopping more accessible for disabled customers – not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s good for business. Securing custom from the estimated 12 million disabled people living in the UK makes commercial sense. Shoppers are also encouraged to show their support, by visiting The Friary Guildford on the day.

Beyond the 13th November awareness day, Purple will work alongside organisations to support implementation of commitments made, including customer service training and providing support to increase accessibility of websites and other online technology. Wider support includes physical access audits, improved signage and increasing the involvement of disabled mystery shoppers.

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