5 Valentine’s Day Must-Haves for a Perfect Date Night in Guildford!

News — 5 Valentine’s Day Must-Haves for a Perfect Date Night in Guildford!


Ditch the cliches and run-of-the-mill predictable dates and go for something fun and flirty this Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry about thinking too far outside the box; we have done that for you and put together five simple ways to make your Valentine’s Day perfect!

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1. Dress to Impress on Valentine’s Day

Whether in town or home on the sofa, you can always look your best and comfiest! Forget the lace and the frills; being you is what your Valentine will love you for. True love is being head over heels in love in your Primark PJs – not just the maxi dresses in Mango or outfits from Zara.

A selection of Primark Pjs from The Friary Guildford Store


When putting together your style, don’t be afraid to go full-on jumper and jeans by combining your Levis with a Superdry hoodie or living your Urban Outfitters fantasy. Love your style; own it!

2. Only spend on the nice stuff

We all enjoy getting little gifts to spoil those we love, but why not get them something that will make a big statement. Rather than a fancy meal, a bottle of champagne and more chocolate than the Easter Bunny for it to all be gone in 3 hours… spend your hard-earned money on something special. Many watches and jewellery can say “I love you” year-round, making for a long-lasting memorable gift. Check out Beaverbrooks, Pandora, Swarovski or H.Samuel for some great gift ideas. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to look for (who does?). Just ask the staff, give them your budget and walk away happy with the right gift for you Valentine.

Jewllery options from The Friary Guildford for Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


3. Make the House a Home

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the perfect date night. It’s about the ideal date LIFE. When spending time together, make it something special. If one of you is cooking at home on a special occasion, make the table pretty with the help of Flying Tiger’s massive range of Valentine’s Day treats, novelties and decorations.

Valentine's Day gift ideas from Flying Tiger in The Friary Guildford

For those snuggling on the sofa with a takeaway, make your movie night extra comfy and cosy with your favourite merch and movie from HMV. Or if you’re having a more active evening… Menkind has excellent games and gifts that will entertain you for hours!

4. Night shifts are No Excuse

The perfect Valentine’s lunch break is all you need. If the date night is more of a late lunch or afternoon tea, then have a bite to eat at The Friary’s food court or one of our mall cafes. There is a wide selection of sushi, McDonalds, noodles, KFC, Subway, Costa, Muffin Break and more on the menu.

5. Make Valentine’s Day a Self-Care Spree

Are you spending Valentine’s Day single? Good for you! Have a self-care spree and enjoy your own company. Treat yourself to something you look good in from Boux Avenue and live unjudged! Top up your beauty regime with Kiko Milano and spend time looking in the mirror saying, “I am Beautiful” or smell out of this world with top name fragrances from The Fragrance Shop. Or have a chill night where nothing else matters except the Holland & Barrett bath salts with a glass of wine and Netflix. You know what you want; why wait for someone else to give it to you?

Gifts for her at The Friary Guildford. Valentine's Lingerie and perfumes.


Quick Gift Grabs

Checking out every store at The Friary for gifts could take some time if you need to get home quickly, so head over to our Friary Finds Gift Displays located throughout the centre for a little extra gift inspo. We’ve been busy collating some of our fave gift ideas, so you can spot what you want and head straight in store to get the love of your life the gift they’ll really love!

Gift ideas at The Friary Guildford for Valentine's Day


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