Part-Time Sales Associate

Join the Sleep 8 team on a permanent part-time contract, 18 hours per week.

Provide a positive customer experience based on Sleep.8 Values. Develop new customer relationships and interact with existing customers to increase sales. Build strong partnerships with co-workers and store management.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Contribute to the attainment of sales goals.
  • Convey the importance of the Sleep.8 customer experience.
  • Enforce excellent customer service through quotations, customer approach and relationship development.
  • Coordinate and seek assistance from the Store Manager or Assistant Store Manager in closing a sale or suggesting a special order.
  • Promptly and efficiently process all basic sales transactions through the Moysklad system.
  • Attempt name capture at every transaction.


  • Actively participate in staff meetings for the purpose of discussing steps of the sale, policy implementation or changes etc. and to encourage an exchange of information and ideas.
  • Diffuse customer service concerns and defer escalated issues to the store or assistant store manager.


  • Participate in the merchandising of the store in order to acquire the skills necessary to work independently.
  • Merchandise store as directed by Sleep.8 visual guidelines, accordingly with the Sleep.8 visual principles. –
  • Implement correct usage of signage.
  • Ensure all stock is well maintained and in good condition.

To apply, please bring a CV with a cover letter to the store.

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